Digital platform for investment advisory

We help banks, wealth managers and other financial institutions within wealth management serve their clients more efficiently, sustainably and in compliance with increasing regulatory demands. Our software workflow covers execution, advisory and discretionary mandates, and is compatible with private, professional as well as institutional investors. The software is delivered as a stand-alone solution or as an API.


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Technology to support and enhance your existing advisory process

Our platform can support your advisors and clients through different steps of investment advisory process, from client onboarding, to suitability assessment, ESG insights and generation of investment proposals.

To create a seamless workflow, we integrate with 3rd party systems that you already operate. We offer a wide scale of hybrid capabilities from pure human-led advisory solution to a self-service customer tool.

Deep Alpha Advisory platform:

 Advisor Tool

  • Modern and efficient tool for investment advisors
  • Friction free KYC/AML onboarding
  • Dynamic and engaging suitability assessment
  • Hyper-personalized advice engine
  • Multi goal investing support
  • Embedded ESG screening and themes
  • Compliance-by-design
  • Portfolio analytics & comparison

Robo Advisor

  • The worlds first and only certified robo advisor
  • Delivered as a ready-made web app or an API engine
  • Customizable to incorporate your investment philosophy
  • Whitelabel capabilities
  • Connects your digital and traditional channels into a hybrid advisory offering together with Deep Alpha Advisor Tools

Highlighted features

Investor Management

Investor Management module is used to register, onboard and manage Investors and works as an Investor register.

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Advice Management

Advice Flows allow Advisors to give advice trough DAAP and Investors to get self service advice. Advice Flows are using the Advice Engine which is configured to support your investment philosophy and Product Platforms.

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Advice Engine

Advice Engine is a core component of DAAP. The Advisor Engine can be configured to support customers investment advisory philosophy and ensure that their philosophy and investments solutions are reflected across the platform.

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Analytics Tools

Analytics tools are used by advisors to provide insight to the investors and create engaging investor discussion. The Deep Alpha Advisory Platform comes with several tools that can be used by advisors.

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Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is used to integrate with other systems for processing of advice given through DAAP and for accessing current portfolios for Investors when evaluating financial situation or updating/rebalancing an advice.

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Safeguard the advisory process in terms of compliance. We offer built in rules that limit the possibility of breaches in the advisory process and ensure that advices given are compliant.

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Quantfolio offers us a digital solution that combines a smooth user experience, intelligent analytics and compliance by design. It is also valuable that Quantfolio is a locally based company allowing for efficient implementation and effortless cooperation. We will initiate the implementation in the Norwegian market and thereafter release it in Sweden through our Stockholm office.

- Helge S. Arnesen, CEO at Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning

Quantfolio will help us become more efficient by reducing manual processes and closing compliance gaps. As the initial client assessment is taken care of by the advisor solution it gives us a head start with relationship building and portfolio tailoring.

- David Armann Syversen, Founding Partner at Njord Kapitalforvaltning

We look forward to continue to work with all the creative minds at Quantfolio. Their core capabilities in quantitative modelling and development of digital solutions complement ours in sustainable investments and other areas well, so together we can really step up the pace of innovation. The aim is to boost the client experience and we have identified several opportunities to provide clients with simpler, better integrated services and reporting.

- Jan Erik Saugestad, CEO Storebrand Asset Management

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