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Our Secret Sauce...

So, combining cutting edge data science with our quant/AI framework to provide end client services is our secret sauce!

We collect large amounts of financial data from a range of public and private sources. All data goes trough our data pipeline that does everything you need to do unbiased science based research, like:

  • AI based anomalies/outliers detection
  • Automatic lag adjustment
  • Data aggregation

The data is then stored in a common format in our internal database.

Scientific Financial Data


Building on our scientific financial data and financial technology platform we have defined 3 main business areas:

Robo Advisory

For banks and pension providers we have modules that are able to analyze customers risk, horizon, preferences and more to provide individual savings or pension advice.

Deep Alpha

For family offices, asset managers our analytics and decision making support platform, Deep Alpha provides customers with Quant and AI capabilities within Macro research, factor research, signal research and portfolio analytics.

Asset Mangement

Lastly, our own asset management division use the same technology to provide Alpha trough funds for professionals.

Dedicated Applications


Financial Technology Platform

On top of the scientific financial data we construct the building blocks of financial modelling and investment strategies, like:

  • Time series transformation
  • Factor Library
  • Signal Library
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Backtesting framework

This cloud based technical platform is the backbone of the applications we build on top of it.


Robo Advisory

In 2016 Sbanken challenged us to help them build the worlds most sophisticated robo advisor to help their savings customers receive true, algorithmically based robotic savings advice based on their goals and preferences. Since then we have some of the leading banking brands in the Nordics on our customer list. Banks and pension providers who all have embraced the vision of providing individual advice for all their customers without human bias. 

Quantfolios robo engine is delivered as an API powered BackEnd component, and can be delivered with or without FrontEnd. It uses data from more than 30 sources as well as user input to construct highly personal portfolios with advanced algorithms selecting the best stocks or funds for each user. 

Our partner banks experience unparalleled speed in providing highly sophisticated & automated savings services to their customers, built on the most advanced analytics framework in the Nordics. 

Features include: 

  • Analytics of current holdings/portfolio
  • Custom factor ranking models for each asset class
  • Dynamic ranking algorithms providing each end user with best recommendation at any given time
  • Impact Investing (for whole portfolio or as optionals like "Women empowerment”, “Green energy” etc.)
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Tactical allocation 
  • Tailored investment universe
  • Saving goals based
  • Risk models
  • Pension saving
  • Optional Front End delivery

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Quantfolio Asset Management

Quantfolio Asset Management develop and execute investment strategies combining rich data and computational tools with artificial Intelligence and traditional financial models.  

Quantfolio Global Equity is a Norwegian AIF fund with the following characteristics:

  • Fund of funds structure, able to allocate globally across asset classes
  • Aims to provide equity returns in bull markets, and capital preservation in bear markets
  • Allocation can move rapidly from 100% equity to 100% bonds and vice versa
  • No short positions, leverage, or nonlinear instruments
  • Available to professional investors in Norway only

a technology driven challenger to the traditional asset management industry

Quantfolio Asset Management is registered at The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet).

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About Quantfolio

Quantfolio is based in Bergen, Norway.

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