Turnkey AI investment components

For banks & wealth managers with a digital presence

What is Quantfolio about?

Through machine learning algorithms, Quantfolio democratize wealth creation and provide automated, sophisticated AI advice to a wide range of banking customers



Sophisticated investment AI ready to go.

Beating Benchmarks

Machine Learning powered, benchmark beating investment strategies as part of portfolio composition.

Plug & Play

Easily integrated through cloud APIs

Research based

Access to years of quantative research, strategies and models.


Let the robot pick your stocks

While most savers and investors are looking at rather flat indexes in the nordics so far this year, Quantfolio´s subscribers have had the luxury of letting our robot select individual stocks for them. By combining millions of variations, too complex for humans too find, the robot finds the stocks most likely to have a positive […]

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After extensive evaluation of national and international providers, Norways largest challenger bank chose Quantfolio as their AI provider to implement the most sophisticated investment platform in the Norwegian market. The platform will launch in Q3/Q4 2017.


Huddlestock is a London based Fintech company offering a cutting edge investment pooling solution for investors.
Quantfolio was the first strategy partner for Huddlestock, and we currently provide a Nordic stocks strategy in the platform, and are in the process of expanding with additional strategies for other asset classes.

About us

Quantfolio is a Bergen based Fintech company delivering “AI-in-a-box” components for banks & wealth managers with a digitial presence.

Our goal is to empower banks and WM’s with our AI investment components to provide their customers with anything from low cost savings portfolios to sophisticated investment strategies normally reserved for HNW individuals through quantitative hedgefunds.

Ultimately we aim to democratize wealth creation by offering sophisticated financial advice for EVERYONE through their local bank.

Our team consist of passionate and highly skilled individuals, ranging from serial tech-entrepreneurs, traders, quants and developers with PhDs within machine learning. Quantfolio is partly owned by Skandiabanken, Norway’s largest challenger bank, also our first customer.

Our HQ is based in Bergen with a quant team based in San Diego.

History doesn´t repeat
itself, but it rhymes

– Mark Twain

The Quantfolio team

  • Helge Hannisdal

    CEOSerial entrepreneur, Product Visionary and Co-FounderLinkedIn

  • Jan Skaathun

    CSOSerial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder, business dev specialist, internationalizationLinkedIn

  • John Sloper

    CTOMachine Learning PhD, Expert within artificial and
    computational intelligence

  • Erik Sulebak

    CIOTrading strategist, Economics Master and TraderLinkedIn

  • Patrick Shami

    LEAD QUANTQuant developer based in San Diego, Expert within computational finance and machine learningLinkedIn

  • Christoffer Hernæs

    CHAIRMANChairman of the board Quantfolio, CDO at Sbanken, Fintech visionaryLinkedIn

  • Mari Kristine Rørvik

    BOARD MEMBERBoard member Quantfolio, Head of Securities at Sbanken

Contact us

Quantfolio AS

Edvard Griegs Vei 3B

+47 56 12 66 22