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Screenshot of Robo Advisor

Robo Advisor

Launch your Robo Advisor

Launch your own Robo Advisory Solution to provide self-service and personalised investment advice. Reach a wider range of your customer base or even new segments like retail or mass affluent. Achieve wealth management efficiency with our white-label Robo Advisor solution

Competitive Advantage with our Robo-Advisory Solution

Benefit from our robo-advisory solution's capacity to handle a higher volume of client portfolios and execute more trades efficiently. Significantly reduce operational expenses and seamlessly integrate regulatory updates. Ensure enhanced service quality and adherence to standards.

Modern Design Made Native to Your Brand

Launch a visually compelling Robo Advisor for your potential investors and makes complex financial decision-making seem easy. Our application enables effortless integration of your brand identity, ensuring it it fits seamlessly with your existing customer interfaces.

Designed for modernity and ease of use, our interface delivers a high-end user experience that retail customers seek.

Embed your brand's identity within the application and ensuring a seamless integration with your existing customer interfaces.

Compliance by Design

Our Robo Advisor is developed to allow behaviour adherence to regulatory practices. The technology assures that every aspect of automated investment advisory is transparent, trackable and continuously compliant.


You will be benefiting from optimised compliance inspections and gain a compliance-driven business advantage.

Modern API Structure

Our foundational API-centric approach enables seamless opportunities to integrate with your existing systems and third-party services, providing an efficient technological and operational environment. Our core APIs drive portfolio generation engines behind our white-label Robo Advice offering, in addition to empowering financial institutions who use our advice engines to build their own application.

Highly Customizable Advisor Flow

Create your robo-advisor experience with our highly customizable workflow. From client onboarding to investment documentation, every step is dynamically adjustable to suit your unique approach. Set the complexity level for personalized advice, leveraging our advanced risk management and profiling questionnaires.

Investment Proposal PDF

Automatically generated investment proposal documentation is ready for investors' confirmation within the flow, ensuring the suggested portfolio's smooth integration into the purchasing system.

Insight-driven product development

By utilising Deep Alpha APIs you gain insights about the investor’s preferences, saving patterns, demographics and behaviour, in order to adjust your future product offerings.

Authorised Robo Advisor

The Norwegian bank Sbanken, became the first bank in the world to achieve authorization for it’s robo-advisor powered by our investment technology. Granted by The Financial Industry’s Authorization Schemes FinAut.

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