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Order Execution

Order Execution Flow

The order execution flow streamlines your order processes. We enhance company-wide efficiency and control in your investment process by consolidating investor profiles, product information and order summary in one simple flow. 

Order Execution offers a full investment flow from KYC to saving plan, financial analytics and investment proposal documentation. Investor cards and all orders and advice sessions are easily accessible on one platform bringing efficiency across the company. 

No more scattered processes
Customisable Flow & Investor Types

This highly customisable business flow allows tailored approach towards different investor types. Custom assessment ensures that your process of proposing investment products aligns with your companies needs and provides technological flexibility for the future.

APIs and Integrations

Our modern API’s enable smooth communication between various channels and software platforms. We develop integration needed to automate processes for gathering and transferring order information. Our APIs offer streamlined operations for compliance teams, valuable insights for data analysts, and cutting-edge tools for technical staff.

Performance and Financial data

Deep Alpha delivers visually engaging financial graphs, from historical returns to expected values and costs, enabling investment advisors to present complex data in an easily understandable format.

Accessible Anywhere

Our cloud-based software allows investment advisors to manage portfolios on-the-go from any tablet, facilitating continuous client engagement and responsiveness, regardless of location.

Automatically generated PDF

The instrument proposal documentation is generated by the system and automatically stored under investor’s cards. This PDF is structurally and visually highly customisable digital branded document.

A simple way to manage orders from existing and new customers

Whether you are receiving additional investment to existing portfolio via phone call or a new order via a web-form, we can help you to transform all channels into one comprehensive flow. Order Execution interface is a modern user-friendly analytics tool both for investors and advisors.

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