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Deep Alpha Advisory Platform is an investment management software that offers comprehensive support for various stages of the investment advisory process utilized by banks, wealth managers, and other financial institutions. Its modular and highly configurable design caters to the distinct requirements of different financial institutions, thereby streamlining time-to-market, ensuring adaptability for specific implementations, and facilitating seamless feature integration as required.

The platform is divided into the following main components:

Certain core components are standardized, while others can be selectively activated or deactivated based on usage requirements. Furthermore, several of these primary components include associated sub-components that can be enabled to enhance the platform's capabilities.

Investor Management

Screenshot of the Quantfolio Advisory Platform investment management software investor register.

Investor Management module is used to register, onboard and manage investors and works as an Investor register.

Multiple Investor Types

Deep Alpha Advisory Platform supports onboarding and giving advice to both persons and companies.

Customised Investor Card Properties

Investor Card can be customised to collect the information required to onboard, manage and advise Investors. Custom properties can be used to tailor specific needs.

KYC Onboarding Flows

KYC onboarding flows are designed to collect information about individuals and companies. All properties can be customised, and customer ones added. Companies also have Contact lists, Signature rights holders lists and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO) lists. Automatic lookups for UBOs in registers like Trapets and Enin.

Screenshot of the Quantfolio Advisory Platform investment management software's signature rights holders and Ultimate Beneficial Owners

AML Lookups

The KYC flow also supports lookup up of Investors in Political Exposed Persons (PEP) registers, Sanctions lists, and Adverse Media databases, both as part of the onboarding flow, and regular automatic lookups.

AML Risk Model

AML risk models can be built based on Investor information (i.e. country, company industry etc.) to classify Investor in risk levels. Risk levels can be used to control lookup frequencies and more.

Self Service

Both Advisors and Investors have their own interface, which enables that Investors can self register, sign and manage their information.

AML Dashboard

Regular lookups to configure services are done based on the AML Risk Model. All events and reports are available in an AML Dashboard and support documentation and workflow of processing for advisors and compliance operators.

KYC Document Builder (PDF)

KYC Document Builder can use templates created with the PDF Template Editor to produce relevant documents such as Investor agreements and AML documents. Documents can be sent to other systems, support approval workflows and sent to Investors for signing.

Advice Management


Screenshot of an example of the Quantfolio Advisory Platform investment management software's advice sessions.

Advice Flows allow advisors to give advice through the Quantfolio Advisory Platform and investors - to get self-service advice. Advice Flows are using the Advice Engine which is configured to support customer's investment philosophy and Product Platforms.

Advice Flows

Several Advice Flows can be configured and each of them associated to one or more Product Platforms. Each Advice Flow can include one or more steps like:

  • Advice Information
  • Purpose & Risk
  • Knowledge & Experience
  • Financial Situation
  • Advice and Proposal

An Advice Flow is associated to a Risk Model. Advice Flows can be configured for anything from full MiFID II compliant advisory to simple order execution flows.

Suitability Assessments

A core functionality of the platform is the feature that covers suitability assessment of the investor. The goal with this is to collect required information about the investor's situation and recommend an investment plan that is suitable. This covers the steps of Purpose & Risk, Knowledge & Experience and Financial Situation. Custom suitability, knowledge and experience questions can be configured as part of the Advice Flows suitability assessment in addition to online training and quiz. Financial Situation supports custom properties and assessment scoring indicators and can be integrated with lookup services like Enin for population of accounting numbers.

Goal Based Investing

Quantfolio Advisory Platform supports investment plans with multiple goals, saving and withdrawal plans.

Advice Sessions

All uses of Advice Flows are stored as Advice Sessions. Both advisors using Quantfolio Advisory Platform and Investors using self-service will create Advice Sessions, and they are built to support multi channel where both Advisors and Investors can share Advice Sessions.

Advanced Suitability Assessments

Screenshot of the Quantfolio Advisory Platform investment management software suitability assessment.

Advanced suitability assessments are for advising of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and other financial instruments, which demands an in-depth assessment of the knowledge and experience related to these asset classes.

Sustainability Assessment

Sustainability Assessment allows for assessing sustainability preferences of the investor, discussing the effects of these preferences and matching them with instruments in the investment universe.

Product Platform Advisor

Product Platform Advisor will recommend Product Platforms based on custom product questions, Suitability Assessment and investor goals. This is useful if investment solutions are offered through different platforms.

Portfolio Analytics

Screenshot of an analytics dashboard within the Quantfolio Advisory Platform investment management software.

Quantfolio Advisory Platform has in-built portfolio analytics that can be applied on the suggested portfolio, saving plan and withdrawal plans. It supports analysis such as:

  • Asset Class Breakdown
  • Fund Allocation
  • Expected Path
  • Expected Value
  • Efficient Frontier
  • Historical Return
  • Costs
  • X-Ray
  • ESG
  • Cash Flow

Investment Proposal Builder (PDF)

Investment Proposal Builder can use templates created with the PDF Template Editor to produce relevant documents such as Investor agreements and proposals. The output can be configured to automatically attach other documents like KIID or the customer’s standard terms. Documents can be sent to other systems, support approval workflows and sent to Investors for signing.

Advice Engine

Screenshot of the Quantfolio Advisory Platform investment management software advice engine.

Advice Engine is a core component of Quantfolio Advisory Platform. This is where our customers configure their investment advisory philosophy and ensure that their philosophy and investments solutions are reflected across the platform.

Product Platform Configurations

The Advice Engine can be configured by the customer to match their investment advisory process. Quantfolio Advisory Platform supports setting up multiple Product Platform Configurations (“Product Platform“) that can be used across the platform.

Investment Universe

Each Product Platform has an associated investment universe consisting of financial instruments like Mutual Funds, ETFs and your custom products. Each financial instrument is connected to an asset class and cost model. Investment themes that can be individually selected, can be defined within the Investment Universe. Also, categories can map the Investment Universe to several categories, i.e. used for mapping sustainability preferences to financial instruments.

Asset Classes

Each Product Platform has defined asset classes linked to benchmarks, expected returns and other settings.

Custom Products

Custom products can be products not found available from our data vendors like Morningstar. Custom products can have time series, costs and product documents.

Custom Benchmarks

Custom benchmarks can be benchmarks not found available from our data vendors like MSCI. Custom benchmarks have their own time series.

Instrument Selection

Instrument selection is used to select the instruments to be used in each asset class. This can be done in two ways, either manually or by using our library of quantitative selection rules for a more dynamic and data-driven approach.

Risk Model

Risk Model is used to map the suitability assessment questions to a risk level. The Risk Model can be built with question types supporting risk level, time horizon, risk adjustment, knowledge and experience. Scoring models for all questions define the risk level.

Portfolio Model

Each Product Platform has an associated portfolio model. Portfolio models can be built manually i.e. by setting weight for a strategic asset allocation of different portfolios, based on risk levels. Alternatively, a portfolio optimiser can be used to optimise portfolios for each risk level taking theme selection and category filters into account, based on well-established portfolio optimisation theories.

Cost Model

Each Product Platform supports the configuration of a wide range of cost elements, and multiple Cost Models can be configured per Product Platform configuration. This model is used for ex-ante cost analysis, visualised across the platform and in advice documents. Costs can either be used from our data vendor feeds, can be configured directly or as a combination.

Fee types include:

  • Fund management
  • Return commissions
  • Transactions
  • Custody
  • Platform
  • Performance
  • All-in
  • Purchasing
  • Onboarding fees

Product Platform Advisor Model

When several Product Platforms are used in an Advisory Flow one can configure a model to suggest which Product Platform should be recommended to the Investor based on suitability and product questions.

Hybrid Advice

The Advice Engine can be used either by APIs (i.e. by building customer's own Robo Advisor Front End), by Investors using our Self-Service features, by your Advisors using Quantfolio Advisory Platform or as a combination of the above. Advice Sessions can be used across all these to support multi channel hybrid advice.

Analytics Tools

Screenshot of the Quantfolio Advisory Platform investment management software's analytics tools.

Analytics tools are used by advisors to provide insight to the investors and create engaging investor discussions. The Quantfolio Advisory Platform comes with several tools that can be used by advisors.

Holistic View

Provides a holistic perspective of the goals, suggested saving plans and financial situation, across different Investors.

Portfolio Analysis

Analysis on ad hoc portfolios, Investor’s portfolios or Advisor created portfolios can be provided with analysis such as: 

  • Asset Class Breakdown
  • Fund Allocation
  • Expected Path
  • Expected Value
  • Efficient Frontier
  • Historical Return
  • Costs
  • X-Ray
  • ESG
  • Cash Flow


Simple calculators for saving, pension and debt. Calculators are also embeddable in customers' websites.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is used to integrate with other systems for processing of advice given through Quantfolio Advisory Platform and for accessing current portfolios for Investors when evaluating financial situations or updating/rebalancing an advice.

Order Management

When Advice Flows are approved and/or signed, one-time and recurring orders can be created. Orders can be picked up by using the APIs or integrations with a broker platform.


When Quantfolio Advisory Platform is integrated with customer's depositary system, Investors' current accounts, cash and portfolios will be available for analysis and display.


Events can be configured to be generated based on e.g. schedule of rebalancing periods and portfolio deviation event triggers.

Administration & Settings

Screenshot of the DAP investment management software's customization capabilities, like color editing.

The Administration & Settings component is used to configure Quantfolio Advisory Platform to customer’s needs.

Site Configuration

Own themes can be defined with colours and logos. All texts in Quantfolio Advisory Platform can be customised and other settings like language, regional settings and currencies can also be configured.

User Management

In Quantfolio Advisory Platform, users and groups can be administered, allowing integration of user catalogue or a combination of both.

Other Features

Other features in Quantfolio Advisory Platform are components that can be used by the customers to enrich the platform, and cover mainly third-party solutions that can be integrated into the platform.

PDF Template Editor

PDF Template Editor can be used to customise document templates used in KYC and Advice Flows. PDFs can be built by combining dynamic properties with content blocks like: 

  • Headers
  • Text
  • Charts
  • Text Tables
  • Data Tables
  • Images
  • Spacer and Page Breaks


GetID can be used to verify identity, ID documents using the GetID integration.

ID/Authentication services

Norwegian BankID, Norwegian Vipps Login, Swedish BankID, Danish MitID, Finish BankID, Dutch DigID, Belgian eID and itsme, SMS and Authenticator Apps can be used for Identification and Authentication. Users can be authenticated by integrating OAuth2, OpenID Connect or SAML based identity providers.

Signature services

Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID and eSignature can be used for signing of documents.

Data vendors

The main data vendors used in Quantfolio Advisory Platform are MSCI, Morningstar and Nordic Bond Pricing.

API and Integration

In addition to several standardised integrations in Quantfolio Advisory Platform, most part of the platform has APIs that can be integrated into third-party or customer systems. Custom integrations are delivered as paid professional services.

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