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Bricknode & Quantfolio team up to deliver enhanced solutions

Bricknode's logo and Quantfolio's logo.

Bricknode today announced a new strategic agreement with Quantfolio, a digital investment advisory platform, to provide wealth management companies with enhanced solutions for investment advice and trade/order management.

Quantfolio’s platform supports advisors and clients through different steps of the investment advisory process, from client onboarding, to suitability assessment, ESG insights and generation of investment proposals. Quantfolio clients will now have access to Bricknode’s investment management system for multi-asset trade/order management and back-office operations.

The wealth management industry is being transformed by digital solutions that enable companies to scale, automate processes and deliver superior customer experiences. Quantfolio will join Bricknode’s partner ecosystem, which provides its clients with access to a range of complimentary wealth technology solutions.

Erik Hagelin, co-CEO, Bricknode, said: “Investment and advisory companies have had to adapt to serve clients who increasingly expect enhanced digital experiences. That’s why we’re delighted to add Quantfolio’s investment advisory platform to our partner ecosystem.”

Martin Wik Sætre, CEO, Quantfolio, said: “We’ve received an uptick in requests from our clients for investment operations software to complement our advisory platform. We decided to team up with Bricknode so we can offer a highly automated and scalable investment management system to our clients.”

Bricknode and Quantfolio’s platforms are modular, enabling solutions to be configured according to the individual needs of wealth management companies. This also enables new features to be turned on when needed and offers simple API integration with third-party service providers.

About Bricknode

Bricknode is a B2B-focused SaaS company that provides scalable, cloud-based software enabling financial companies to launch digital banking products at speed. The platform makes it easy for customers to build or transform almost any financial product with complete software for investment management, funds, lending, deposits and savings. The company also offers outsourcing solutions for back-office administration. Bricknode was founded in 2010 and supports financial companies globally. Find out more at or follow Bricknode on LinkedIn & Twitter.

About Quantfolio

Quantfolio is a Norway-based Fintech company providing B2B(2C) advisory technology for banks and wealth managers across the Nordics. The company delivers omni-channel robo-advisory/advisor tool & API modules for major FI´s with a focus on sustainability and compliance-by-design. The team consists of experienced data scientists, quants/mathematicians, developers and financial experts.


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