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Are you looking for a solution that ensures your investment advisory process is compliant with the MiFID II regulations?

As you're aware, the MiFID II regulatory changes mean there is now a need for documenting how sustainability preferences are met.

We have prepared a checklist of tips and tricks on how advisors can meet the mandatory requirements of asking investors about their sustainability preferences, matching those preferences, and documenting how this is done.

Download the checklist that is based on our understanding and discussions with different customers and data vendors and covers the following areas you should consider:

  • Define what questions you should ask your investors
  • Clarify how you should map answers to a score
  • Map your instruments
  • Investigate data sources that can be used to support you
  • Create tools for insight and discussion with investors
  • Train your advisors

Screenshot of Quantfolio's sustainability compliance in investment advisory checklist

Download the checklist now!