Quantfolio Saving Guide App

Quantfolio Saving Guide App is a solution for financial institutions that enables them to offer investment guidance to end clients. The solution is a responsive web application connected to Quantfolio APIs.


Standard features

  • Training and explanation feature:  giving guidance and answering potential questions that end users have related to finance and investing.
  • Time-horizon mapping: collecting information about the saving horizon of the end client and mapping this to an indicative portfolio.
  • Portfolio analysis: Features used to analyze the portfolio. The purpose of the feature is to provide insights to the indicated saving plan and portfolio. The Quantfolio Saving Guide App offers several analytics components: asset allocation, fund allocation, expected path, expected value, historical return, underwater plot, rolling return, cost and efficient frontier.
  • The Quantfolio Robo Advisory App allows the users to produce PDF based on templates. It captures the information from the guidance and document it in an document, that intends to document the guidance given. PDFs can be downloaded, sent to an email-address or signed using the signining add on feature.
  • Compliance by design: The Quantfolio Saving Guide App follows principles of Compliance By Design. It supports setting up rules that can be applied to reduce errors when performing investment guidance.

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