Quantfolio Robo Advisory App

Quantfolio Robo Advisory App is a solution for financial institutions that enables them to offer client interfaces used when giving investment advice to end-clients.

The solution is a front-end application that can be used to capture relevant information about clients, document the suitability assessment and produce investment advice, through a self-service offering. The solution is a responsive web application connected to Quantfolio APIs, that can also be made available through a native application.11970

Standard features

Quantfolio Robo Advisory App comes with a wide range of features that has the objective of supporting financial institutions with offering self-service solutions for end-clients. The following features are available for all users of the Quantfolio Robo Advisory App:

  • Client information and onboarding: collecting general information about the end client, relevant for KYC/AML and the client relationship in general
  • Suitability assessment questionnaire: collecting information relevant to assessing the end clients risk tolerance and ability to bear risk. It is divided into three sub-features: Purpose & Risk, Knowledge & Experience and Financial Situation.
  • Quiz questions: feature for asking quiz-questions to the end-client and documenting performance of training sessions.
  • Portfolio analysis: features used to analyze the portfolio. The purpose of the feature is to provide insights to the suggested saving plan and portfolio. The Quantfolio Robo Advisory App offers several analytics components: asset allocation, fund allocation, expected path, expected value, historical return, underwater plot, rolling return, cost and efficient frontier.
  • PDF-generation: The Quantfolio Robo Advisory App allows the users to produce PDF based on templates. It captures the information from the advisory process and stores it in an investment document. PDFs can be downloaded, sent to an email-address or signed using the signining add on feature.
  • Follow-up module:  following up the initial advice that includes suitability assessment update, re-balance functionality and re-selection functionality
  • Dashboard:  giving insight to the clients related to the status of the portfolio and advice given.
  • Compliance by design: The Quantfolio Robo Advisory App follows principles of Compliance By Design. It supports setting up rules that can be applied to reduce errors in investment advices, ensure compliance in the self-service channel and advice against investing when natural.

The Quantfolio Robo Advisory App can be connected with Deep Alpha Advisor Solution and thereby provide a hybrid advisory offering to end clients.

Add on features

  • Identity Provider - licence for for identify provider, that can be used for both authentication of end-client and signing of documents
  • Database Solution - storing advice and relevant information. This feature allows the advisors to pull up old advice and work with clients over multiple sessions. 

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