Savings & investment modules for financial institutions

In 2016 Sbanken challenged us to help them build a sophisticated robo-advisor to help their customers receive true, algorithmic savings advice based on customers' goals and preferences. Since then we have developed custom robo  advisors for some of the leading Nordic banking brands. Banks and pension providers who all have embraced the vision of providing individual financial advice for all their customers, utilizing automation, data and leading financial theory. 

Today our Financial Services clients can access their favourite part of our technology through flexible backend API's and frontend Widgets. Whether it's saving calculators with backtesting features, portfolio projection, risk assessment, portfolio optimisation or any of the many other features.

In essence, our customers can build their own Saving Robo by combining multiple modules, or simply enhance their existing functionality.  We have already made all the heavy lifting in integrating and cleaning the data as well as providing complex algorithms utilising them in each module. 


Robo Advisor Modules: 

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