Quantfolio Robo Advisory is a solution that supports financial institutions to build their own robo-advisors. It comes with a variety of end points offering tailored individual saving plans based on risk assessment, an individual investor’s financial situation and investment preferences. The Robo Advisory seeks to support the guidelines defined by the MiFID-II regulations.

The solution comes as Quantfolio Robo Advisory App or as a rest-api. It can be combined with Deep Alpha Advisor Solution to build a hybrid offering.


Quantfolio Robo Advisory comes with a wide range of features that has the objective of assessing an investor risk tolerance, preferences and financial situation and personalizing an investment proposal. The following features are available for all users:

  • Risk model - calculates the risk score of an investor, based on input captured in a risk assessment questionnaire.
  • Portfolio construction - feature for construction of a portfolio that consists of multiple asset classes. This includes optimization of weights to maximize the expected return, given a pre-defined risk target.
  • Instrument selection - quantitative selection of instruments within each asset classed. The feature supports mutual funds and ETFs.
  • Thematic choices - handling the investor´s preferences regarding thematic choices, and providing that the tailored portfolio reflects these preferences.
  • Filter functions - filtering the investment universe and allowing end-users to select from, for example, sustainable- or index funds only.
  • Assessment of financial situation - feature for assessment of the investor’s financial situation and advice against investing if thresholds are met
  • Portfolio analytics - analysis of the saving plan and portfolio suggested to the investor. Example of portfolio analytics that are standard features: historical return, forward projections and risk-return analysis
  • Cost projections - generating projections of the costs and the long-term effect of the costs related to the saving plan, based on the latest guideline given by the MiFID-II regulations.
  • Re-balancing - feature for suggesting a rebalance by comparing the current weight with the recommended weight.
  • Re-selection - feature for suggesting replacement of any holdings, based on updated analysis from the instrument selection


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