Quantfolio Calculators

Quantfolio Calculators is a solution that calculates various problems related to saving plans and pension plans, and can be used by financial institutions to educate and give information to their customers. The service gives access to a rest-API for calculations and front-end widgets that can be implemented at your website.

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Standard Features:

Quantfolio Calculators come with a wide range of features, that has the objective to support financial institutions with solving different calculation problems for their customers. The following calculation features are available for all users of Quantfolio calculators:
  • Simple calculation: Calculation of the expected development on a saving plan consisting of a monthly saving amount and an initial deposit, using a custom time horizon and expected return
  • Calculation with bounds: This feature covers the same use cases as in simple calculation, but also allows to estimate the upper and lower bound of the saving plan, using a custom standard deviation and percentiles
  • Time to goal: Calculation of the time needed to reach a specific saving goal, with a saving plan that consist of a monthly saving amount and an initial deposit, using a custom time horizon and expected return
  • How to reach goal: Calculation of the necessary monthly saving amount or initial saving amount, that allows you to reach your goal, given a custom expected return and time horizon
  • Withdrawal analysis: Calculation of a withdrawal plan, that supports different withdrawal frequencies
  • Saving plan with risk stepdown: Calculation logic for a saving plan where you can assume different return profiles at custom periods over the time horizon. The features allow for simulating saving plans that includes risk step-down
  • Pension calculator: This features combines the elements above and includes functionality for calculating the necessary amount needed at a given time in the future, in order to be able to withdraw a defined annual amount.
  • Inflation functionality: All calculation features allows for sending in a simple return or a simple return plus an inflation number.

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