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Storebrand is live with Deep Alpha Advisory Platform.

Now that Storebrand has been live with Deep Alpha Advisor Solution some time, we can share their feedback about working with our platform.“I think the project has been very rewarding on many levels.” says Charlotte Moe, Digital Product Manager at Storebrand. “First of all, our advisors are very happy now with the new Deep Alpha advisor tool. It saves them a lot of time in their everyday work, that's a big win for us as a company as well.” The first delivery includes a stand-alone Advisor Solution. Integration and further development of the omni channel advisory platform are planned for the next steps.

Advisor solution that streamlines delivery time

“One of the most important things we had to fix was the efficiency and reliability of our advisory platform says Mathias Fjeldavlie Munkejord, Sales Manager in Storebrand Savings and Investment. “The system we used before was not reliable enough, so we couldn't use it live during a client meeting. After a meeting with the client all the advisors had to sit down and spend from 30 minutes up to an hour getting the necessary documentation and the actual proposal ready to send to the customer. Now with Quantfolio's Advisory Platform they spend 10-15 minutes to just quality check the session and to make sure everything is ready and properly documented. That's a huge step forward for us, it makes it possible for the advisor to spend more time taking care of our existing customers as well as further growing our portfolio."

Compliance-by-design approach

“It's not just about the amount of time spent on documentation, it's also reduced stress for the advisors,” adds Charlotte Moe. “Now with the new tool, the advisors feel more free to do their job, and enjoy their working day. There are so many things they need to document for internal control and if we have regulation authorities doing audits. Now the compliance part is so much easier for the advisors when the platform is taking care of it!“

Mathias adds: "Compliance by design and meeting legal requirements are "must-haves" in advisor solutions like this, but even more important is the fact that our customers will experience investment proposals and saving plans suited to their specific saving goal based on their financial situation and personal preferences. In later releases we will also see a big step forward in the way we use customer data in a more efficient way". 

Quantfolio's approach

Quantfolio has been working closely with different stakeholders to configure the solution to the exact needs of Storebrand. It is very important that the advisors have a say in how the solution should look and feel for them. Then there is the compliance department wanting to get everything necessary documented to perfection. There is also the core advisory team that influences how the investment strategy is implemented in the solution, how the information and preferences provided by the client should result in a good investment advice.

“We appreciate that Quantfolio is very eager to listen to our input and actually implement the feedback of our advisors into the product. It is a big thing for us as an organisation, that our people feel that they are a part of the development. We have advisors that have been working with this for 30 years putting together portfolios, and now their feedback is that they have both a streamlined process for straightforward cases, but also enough freedom to do their professional magic in cases that demand a more tailor-made approach.” says Mathias Fjeldavlie Munkejord. “I think this is also very positive for our clients. Now with Deep Alpha it doesn't really matter if you talk to advisor X, Y or Z, the actual advice that we give you would be of the same high quality.”


Thanks to the capabilities of our advisor solutions as well as our collaborative and hands-on approach, Storebrand's team of advisors can work more quickly and efficiently than before without compromising on quality. What's more, Deep Alpha Platform's compliance by design streamlines Storebrand's compliance process, helping to ease regulatory obligations and better align advisors and compliance officers.

We at Quantfolio are thankful to each and everyone in both Storebrand and our own team for making this project a success. Looking forward to further collaboration.


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