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Robo Advisory

Fully automated algorithm powered savings/pension robo technology for banks looking to provide top quality investment advice to their clients.

Serve thousands of clients digitally with our technology that support compliant risk assessment, automated portfolios, investment selection, analysis, simulations and more. 

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Deep Alpha Advisor Solution

Deep Alpha is a cutting edge analytics & research platform combining all of Quantfolio’s research and technology at the fingertips of investment professionals.

In the tool your investment advisors can onboard and risk assess clients, perform advanced portfolio analytics and generate investment proposals at a fast pace with a high quality. By implementing our framework for “Compliance-by-design”, the advisor solution can make your organisation more effective and ensure that the investment advices maintain a high standard.

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ESG Model

Quantfolio ESG Model is a solution for financial institutions to assess the sustainability profile of a mutual fund and enable better and easier ways to build green investment portfolios.

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Quantfolio Calculators

Quantfolio Calculators is a solution that calculates various problems related to saving plans and pension plans, and can be used by financial institutions to educate and give information to their customers. The service gives access to a rest-API for calculations and front-end widgets that can be implemented at your website.

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Quantfolio Saving Guide App

Quantfolio Saving Guide App is a solution for financial institutions that enables them to offer investment guidance to end clients. The solution is a responsive web application connected to Quantfolio APIs.

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Robo Advisory App

Quantfolio Robo Advisory App a front-end application that can be used to capture relevant information about clients, document the suitability assessment and produce investment advice, through a self-service offering.

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