Macro AI and Investment Report

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Investor benefits

Macro AI – Tactical Allocation

  • Provide investors with unique and objective AI Macro analyses with the purpose of warning when there is increased risk of major macro-based market downturn (bear market)
  • Investors can use the model as part of their own tactical allocation strategy

Investment Strategies

Buy and Sell recommendations based on our Investment Strategies targeting high risk/reward performance

  • Quantfolio Global Bond Fund Selection
  • Quantfolio Global Equity Fund Selection
  • Quantfolio Nordic Equity Stock Selection

Efficient Decision-making

  • Specific and systematic recommendations based on our models
  • We are reacting to changes in the market, not trying to forecast or explain the market


AI Macro Model Norway

Our service will provide our subscribers with a cutting edge Macro «AI» built on Machine Learning algorithms utilizing more than 500 fundamental and macro economic indicators from a range of data sources. The aim for the AI is to predict coming bear markets in OBX.

Sample page from our report

Investment Strategies

Our service will provide three investment strategies based on years of factor research. We trade these strategies live and publish our auditable track record in the report, and provide our clients with signals before the markets open.

Sample page from our report

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