Let the robot pick your stocks

While most savers and investors are looking at rather flat indexes in the nordics so far this year, Quantfolio´s subscribers have had the luxury of letting our robot select individual stocks for them. By combining millions of variations, too complex for humans too find, the robot finds the stocks most likely to have a positive return.

So how exactly does it work?
All companies listed on stock exchanges have a number of data points we can look at (factors), these factors can be how expensive the stock price is compared to similar companies or compared to the accounts, it can be earnings & results, liquidity, growth, momentum etc (technical & fundamental factors). Our robot can recognize patterns and combinations of these factors which seem to work favorable in terms of stock price development, and are able to test millions of combinations of these to verify it it makes sense to select stocks based on these attributes. Though no one can predict the future, we do believe that applying machine learning to find patterns in historical data provide a vastly better way of making financial decisions.

DOES it work then?
The short answer is yes. Our findings is conclusive; Selecting financial instruments by combining factor based research and AI can provide excess returns and lower risk depending on the objectives for both funds and stocks. To prove this we are openly trading a portfolio available to our subscribers, selecting 5 companies in the nordic region on a monthly basis. So while the nordic benchmark is around 0,5% as of August 1st, our robot have performed at 26%, outperforming the market with more than 25% in 6 months from January to August.

Gaining access to the stock picker robot is simple, just register here and we provide 30 days free access.