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Discover how technology can streamline your  investment process

Do your advisors spend 60-70% of their time on post-consultancy creating reports and documentation that meet regulations?

Discover how Quantfolio's advisory software can help advisors save time by reducing admin in the investment advisory process by streamlining compliance and report creation, while also addressing the sustainability demands.

Our Deep Alpha Advisory Platform helps banks, wealth managers and other financial institutions support their advisors and clients through different steps of the investment advisory process, from client onboarding, to suitability assessment, ESG insights and generation of investment proposals.

The platform:

  • Provides engaging interfaces for client dialogues
  • Takes care of documentation and ensures that all advice given is compliant with the current regulations
  • Gives an opportunity for the advisor to input very specific client preferences in sustainability and thematic choices, such as investing in green energy, a specific region, or female-run startups

Screenshot of Quantfolio's financial advice platform



Discover more about the platform's features

Investor Management

Register, onboard and manage investors with this module that works as an investor register.


Suitability Assessments

Collect the investor's situational information and recommend a suitable investment plan.

Investment Proposal Builder

Produce investor agreements and proposals with the PDF Template Editor.


Sustainability Assessment

Assess sustainability preferences of the investor, discussing the effects of these preferences and matching them with instruments in the investment universe.

Product Platform Advisor

Gain Product Platform recommendations based on custom product questions, Suitability Assessment and investor goals.

Advice Analytics

Configure the platform to reflect your investment advisory philosophy and investment solutions.



We understand different financial institutions need support on different steps of the advisory process, which is why our Deep Alpha Advisory Platform is modular and highly configurable. This reduces time to market, allows for flexibility in particular implementations and offers a possibility to easily turn on new features if needed.


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