by Eirik Frisvold, on 04 May 2021 14:14

We are very proud to be Eco-Lighthouse certified. We now have a verified evidence of our efforts to combat environmental issues, and a concrete tool to work continuously towards the …

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by Martin Wik Sætre, on 11 August 2020 12:12

(2-3 minutes read) Statistics Norway (SSB) is reporting record high saving rate for first quarter 2020. Even with a minor reduction in disposable income a large drop in consumption gives …

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by Martin Wik Sætre, on 23 April 2020 10:10

(2-4 min read) For a decade we have heard how technology will disrupt business models, and how we all need to adapt to survive. It’s fair to say that even …

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by Martin Wik Sætre, on 18 March 2020 10:10

Robo advisory is here to stay. Over the last 5-10 years of digitalization efforts, automation has become a key area for most industries. With its very tangible benefits, using robots …

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by Helge Hannisdal, on 29 April 2019 24:24

Quantfolio becomes the latest organisation to join Tieto’s growing WealthMapper ecosystem, bringing robo advisory, machine learning and AI capabilities to users of the modular platform. The rapid evolution of the …

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Topics:advisoryroboadoptionour customers

by Helge Hannisdal, on 27 June 2017 18:18

If you are wondering what the first version of the Quantfolio robo advisor can do for customers, take a look at the video from Sbanken highlighting the benefits …

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by Helge Hannisdal, on 21 June 2017 18:18

At capital markets day, Wednesday 21st, Sbanken announced the launch of the Quantfolio powered robo advisor in Q3. Although this launch is a milestone and sets Sbanken apart with the …

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