Sbanken becomes largest shareholder in Quantfolio

by Helge Hannisdal, on 24 March 2017 17:17

Bergen 24.3.2017 – Sbanken aims to strengthen the private savings division by offering robo-advisory services, simplified, and with transparent pricing. Friday the 17th of March Sbanken entered an agreement to purchase 39,9% of the shares in Quantfolio AS. The investment represents an important step in the banks ongoing work to further strengthen and facilitate user-friendly digital saving options for the private market.

‘We believe the next fintech revolution will take place in the digital savings and asset management market, and we wish to strengthen our position in this market with this move. The acquisition of the shares is the first step towards providing our customers with simple and automated saving advice tailor made for each individual, through a user-friendly robo-advisory service.

As a challenger bank, we wish to open up and innovate together with a wide range of strategic partners, within both the fintech community and elsewhere. This is just the beginning.’ – Christoffer Hernæs CDO Sbanken ASA

​‘Sbanken is an innovative and forward thinking bank with great vision as to how technology can revolutionize a stagnant savings industry and provide their customers with a brand new, dynamic and cost efficient savings platform. Quantfolio is proud to be partaking in realizing this vision’ – says CSO, Jan Åge Skaathun.

‘Also in the future we shall be the bank with the most satisfied customers – to achieve that we have to challenge both ourselves and the market, and dare to explore new possibilities. Private savings is an important area for the bank, and going forward we will launch several new products in this segment. Emphasis will be on user friendliness, transparency and competitive pricing.

The first step on the way is to challenge ourselves in a field of business that is changing rapidly, is to enter a partnership with innovative entrepreneurs that dare to look twice on existing business models to maximize customer value. ‘– says Hernæs.

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From left: Jan Åge Skaathun (CSD Quantfolio), Magnar Øyhovden (CEO Sbanken), Christoffer Hærnes (CDO Sbanken) and Helge Hannisdal (CEO Quantfolio).

Digital savings and asset management is one of the arenas in which Norwegian fintech companies has a large potential to succeed beyond our national borders, and Sbanken aims to take a part in this. As a major shareholder in Quantfolio we will utilize the competence and know-how that is present in the company as part of our increased focus on long term savings, but also by adding required competence and act as a professional financial owner for Quantfolio to succeed both in partnership with Sbanken, and also as a stand-alone fintech company.

About Sbanken ASA

In April 2000, Sbanken was launched as the first pure digital bank in Norway. Today, the Bank offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to individuals and households in Norway within payments and card services, deposit-based savings, investment products, long-term loans and short-term loans. The Bank has no branches and all products and services are offered directly through the digital platform, which is available on a broad range of user devices. By the end of 2016, Sbanken had 388,614 account customers with a balance, and total assets of NOK 71,2 billion. For more information, see

About Quantfolio

Fintech company founded in Bergen, Norway. The company has developed a machine learning software for selecting the best savings products through a quantitative approach. By applying AI and algorithms on historical financial data, we offer consulting and development for banks who wish to implement dynamic portfolios which regularly chooses the best products for their customers. In Norway, Quantfolio has an exclusive partnership with Sbanken.

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Contacts Sbanken ASA:

Christoffer Hernæs – Chief Digital Officer +47 916 92 852

Magnar Øyhovden – Chief Executive Officer +47 959 40 038


Contacts Quantfolio:

Jan Åge Skaathun – Chief Sales Director +47 941 68 940

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