Quantfolio is the first FinTech member in FinAut.

by Bjørnar Mundal, on 22 March 2022 09:09

Quantfolio is proud and happy to announce that we are the first FinTech member in FinAut.

“By becoming a member we are stating that we want to support FinAut´s mission of delivering the same quality standards in financial industry in all channels regardless of technology”, says Bjørnar Mundal, the CPO at Quantfolio. 

FinAut (The Norwegian Finance Industry’s Authorisation schemes) has been certifying advisors for over 10 years for providing informative and safe advice for consumers. As of 2021 FinAut has over 150 member companies in Norway. Through credible self-regulation theory FinAut strives to create value for the consumers, the member companies and the society.
As a member in FinAut Quantfolio commits to delivering support technology that helps its customers to keep aligned with the guidelines accepted in the industry and required by the regulatory institutions.



“We are happy to welcome Quantfolio as a member in the FinAut family as a company delivering components into the financial industry. The membership will help increase the quality of the end products, either it is information or robo-advice” says Siv Seglem, CEO at FinAut.

 “Quantfolio becoming a member of FinAut will also contribute to increase competence on how FinTech companies work in the financial industry, and we are really looking forward to many interesting discussions in the future”, adds Siv.

When building technology Quantfolio follows the principle of compliance-by-design. 

“Getting access to the industry guidelines and having FinAut
as a sparring partner will take us to the next level related to the best practices and standards of financial advisory. We want to involve FinAut and its members in applying those standards in our products where we find common ground and to contribute in member discussion from our point of view. Short-term, we see great value in discussing how to cope with the new sustainable finance requirements in both self-service and advisor-led channel”, - adds Bjørnar Mundal.

Quantfolio is a Norway-based FinTech company providing B2B(2C) advisory technology for banks and wealth managers across the Nordics. The company delivers omni-channel robo-advisory/advisor tool & API modules for major FI´s across Nordics with a sustainable focus. The team consists of experienced serial entrepreneurs, data scientists, quants/mathematicians, developers and financial experts.

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