Quantfolio is Eco-Lighthouse certified!

by Eirik Frisvold, on 04 May 2021 14:14

We are very proud to be Eco-Lighthouse certified. We now have a verified evidence of our efforts to combat environmental issues, and a concrete tool to work continuously towards the green transformation.

We will continue our work to achieve eco-friendly procurements, lower energy consumption, smarter commuting, decreasing waste combined with higher degree of recycling, as well as an even better workplace environment. As an Eco-Lighthouse we contribute to achieve several of UNs sustainable development goals.

We will simultaneously continue our persistent work with developing innovative ESG investment solutions for banks, asset managers and financial advisors. This will give a voice to both retail- and major investors, and it will allocate capital towards green industries. A sustainable future needs tangible actions and a common effort from private sector, authorities and consumers.

We believe that responsible and ethical behavior is a prerequisite for a sustainable business. We encourage all companies to take the step towards a sustainable future. Join us and take your part of the responsibility.

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