Private Banking & Wealth Management Conference & Awards

by Eirik Frisvold, on 31 May 2022 13:13

So we are back from the Private Banking & Wealth Management Conference & Awards in Zurich, Switzerland. This was a yearly event covering all the leading developments in the industry of private banking and wealth management. 

There was quite a selection of keynote presentations and debates, showcasing strategies to remain competitive and relevant in the ever-changing market situation. It is always useful for us to dive deeply into how the industry feels right now in a particular region and from the discussions we had the questions that were raised here are our take-aways.

ESG concerns come first and foremost, from very practical questions as to how the advisors can best handle the ESG-related discussions with the investor and how to integrate those discussions in the onboarding flow - to quite technical discussions around data used for ESG assessment and actual portfolio building based on investor preferences.

Another concern discussed was how to manage client interaction workflow across disjointed channels that are the present challenge in the industry. Wealth management is admittedly a conservative world and digitalisation comes in slowly into it, but streamlining of different flows into one process becomes a must to keep up with client expectations.  

And of course this year’s winners for the Private Banking & Wealth Management Switzerland Awards have been announced. Here they are:

List of Private Banking Switzerland winners

Our congratulations!  IMG_7373

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