Money 20/20 conference

by Jan Aage Skaathun, on 23 September 2021 12:12

"Why do everything yourself when Fintechs can do it better?" this was our favourite insight form Money 20/20 Conference im Amsterdam. The conference is the industry’s leading fintech event with more than 4000 attendees this year bringing new ideas, new solutions and new opportunities for collaboration.

One of the hot topics on the conference was benefits of wide diversity in financial services and serving minority communities with financial products. 

Imagine a digital banking platform that will help you invest considering very specific interests, like in businesses that are women-only or 100% black or in specific ethnic or other minority. We have discussed how Quantfolio solutions can help with diversity conscious investments with , a company that helps underserved, minority-led startups.

It is really wonderful to realise how much effort is taken worldwide to lift up the topic of conscious investment and that our products can be instrumental in the good case.

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