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by Andreas Dreyer Hysing, on 19 October 2022 12:12

Yesterday Quantfolio attended Atea Community event gathering the best brains in Norway around the topics of how technology can solve the ever-growing challenges of modern life. Our colleague Andreas Dreyer Hysing was invited on stage to share some expert knowledge in cloud solutions for our customers.

Working in a highly regulated space of banking and investments Quantfolio needs to take a proactive role and go a step further to meet the customer expectations, first of all in security and compliance. In banking compliance requirements might be really tight and we take these requirements as a starting point to build the solution and operations based on it.

For example, in traditional cloud solutions the products make a daily backup of all client data. But one of our new customers requires us to never lose more than one hour of data in case of a disaster like a fire or an outage or any other kind of emergency. So we found something called High Availability Databases, which basically means that at any moment in time you have two identical copies of your database in two different cities and send them, back and forth once an hour. So if in one city there's a fire or power breakdown, the other location is not affected and the data is safe.

Compared to traditional IT companies that created their products 10-15 years ago and now are trenching into using more and more cloud services, Quantfolio was born in the Cloud and it is rather organic for us to think from a cloud-solution perspective. The cloud lets us iterate and improve our product both on software and hardware at the same time. Servers are added back to the cloud vendor when they are not needed. This gives Quantfolio flexibility.

Andreas joined Quantfolio this year, coming from the Cloud Platform team in Vipps, he has expertise in zero downtime upgrades of Kubernetes clusters in complex payment systems.

Picture from the Atea Community event, showing Qunatfolio's Andreas Dreyer Hysing on stage discussing compliant cloud solutions.

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